All Embroidered

It’s hard to forget the days of middle school where graphic tees were all the rage. I remember being so proud of my “I’m not short, I’m fun sized!” tee which I gladly rocked everywhere with my colored skinny jeans, and now I try to repress that memory every time it comes up. But as we all mature past our horrid fashion fails, trends always find a way of recreating itself, and embroidery now proudly replaces graphics.

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Slides All Summer

Move aside flip flops, a new trend has taken over for the summer and we are not going back. Slides have made their way to the forefront of fashion, even brands such as Givenchy and Gucci have made slides for their high end audiences. Of course, we can thank the Rihanna for the new popular of furry slides which started in her own Fenty Puma collection.  Continue reading

GUCCI: Memes & High Fashion

The Internet loves its memes. From Pepe the Frog, to Salt Bae, internet jokes and sensations move as fast as fashion trends do. High fashion brand, Gucci, sees this an opportunity to extend their looks and advertisements, and takes a humorous turn to publicize their new watch collection, Le Marché des Merveilles. Continue reading

Denim- Not Just For Pants

After Chance the Rapper’s rise to the Grammys and the revival of the 90’s in street wear, denim is seen in more than just pants. Chance the Rapper’s current popularization of the denim overalls struck a reminiscent, childhood vibe as Chance went on to perform in his famed overalls. Additionally, the denim jacket’s revival helped to bring back denim pieces, especially with the new distressed look. These new true blue trends are surely making its way to our closets, as it did 15 years back.






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