Summer Shorts To Own

As the weather gets warmer, we shed our jeans for a pair of shorts for those sunny days. But, don’t settle for regular shorts, here are some trendy shorts that will catch everyone’s eyes.

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Fila Makes A Comeback

Fila, a sports manufacturer originally from Italy, is back on store shelves as vintage and retro styles return from the 90’s. Their signature logo and blue, red, and white apparel has been a hit on the streets and is slowly making its way back in our closets.  Continue reading

Denim- Not Just For Pants

After Chance the Rapper’s rise to the Grammys and the revival of the 90’s in street wear, denim is seen in more than just pants. Chance the Rapper’s current popularization of the denim overalls struck a reminiscent, childhood vibe as Chance went on to perform in his famed overalls. Additionally, the denim jacket’s revival helped to bring back denim pieces, especially with the new distressed look. These new true blue trends are surely making its way to our closets, as it did 15 years back.






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