IKEA Has Entered The World of Fashion

Ever since Balenciaga made a $2,000 version of IKEA’s $0.99 shopping bag, there has been a fury of memes, jokes, and critiques of Balenciaga’s rip off. 




It has reached numerous audiences from Twitter to Instagram, and people are furious over the similarity of the two bags. IKEA has even made a publicity strategy out of the whole commotion and released this post:


Of course, the Internet and its audience will not rest over this fashion mishap. It even went so far that people started to release their own IKEA fashion. Some sneakerheads even went so far to make their own customized IKEA Yeezy 350s, which feature Yeezy 350s in a blue and yellow colorway. Some joked around and released the IKEA thong. Will you be copping some IKEA clothing?