All Embroidered

It’s hard to forget the days of middle school where graphic tees were all the rage. I remember being so proud of my “I’m not short, I’m fun sized!” tee which I gladly rocked everywhere with my colored skinny jeans, and now I try to repress that memory every time it comes up. But as we all mature past our horrid fashion fails, trends always find a way of recreating itself, and embroidery now proudly replaces graphics.

Embroidery is everywhere in the fashion world. From customizing leather goods, to bomber jackets, the quirky trend has found its way to stick to just about any piece of clothing. Even brands such as Tory Burch, Gucci, and Valentino has found itself joining into the embroidering trend. Handbags, shoes, hats, embroidery surrounds us in form of flowers, animals and lettering.




Here are some fun and easy ways to sneak the new trend into your closet:

Sneakers, Gucci ($620) & Aldo ($70)

Jacket, Madewell ($298) & Forever 21 ($29.90)

Jeans, Free People ($128) & Charlotte Russe ($25)