Fila Makes A Comeback

Fila, a sports manufacturer originally from Italy, is back on store shelves as vintage and retro styles return from the 90’s. Their signature logo and blue, red, and white apparel has been a hit on the streets and is slowly making its way back in our closets. 

From shoes, to track suits, Fila is pumping out tons of new apparel for 2017. They have everything from bucket hats to crop tops, and people can not get enough of them. Just like Adidas and Nike, it has taken a new route in its appearance in athleisure and streetwear. Fila is selling from stores like Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom, although, the price tags on their pieces are looking a little pricey. A shirt can start at $30, and those vintage windbreakers and jackets can rack up to $100. Of course, people are eating up the vintage trend, especially the iconic logos that filled our childhood. And when it comes to sportswear, I don’t think we’ll be merging away from Adidas, Nike, and their associates any time soon.