Urban Outfitters Under Fire As Coachella Sues

In preparation for the upcoming Coachella Festival, which takes place in Indigo, CA in the month of April, Urban Outfitters has released a line of clothing which represents the festival’s retro, bohemian vibe.

Unfortunately, this did not pan out well for the organizers of Coachella, as they deemed that Urban Outfitters capitalized on their brand. As people search the internet for potential “Coachella outfits”, Urban Outfitters is the top link in the results.

Coachella sued Urban Outfitters for infringement of the Coachella brand, afraid that people might mistake Coachella sponsoring or endorsing these products. The line ranged from a “Coachella Valley tunic” to “Coachella boots”, which has been taken down from the website after the lawsuit. The summer festival has been quite a hit within young people, especially after this year’s line up of Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar. Urban Outfitters cannot be reached for any comments pertaining to the lawsuit.