GUCCI: Memes & High Fashion

The Internet loves its memes. From Pepe the Frog, to Salt Bae, internet jokes and sensations move as fast as fashion trends do. High fashion brand, Gucci, sees this an opportunity to extend their looks and advertisements, and takes a humorous turn to publicize their new watch collection, Le Marché des Merveilles.


With Moschino’s cheeky graphics, as well as Acne Studio’s use of emojis in their previous collections of sweaters and knitwear, Gucci also steps into the scene with their new range of watches advertised through memes. Although Gucci can be seen as a serious, luxury brand, it is bold choice to appeal to a much larger audience. The project, which they call #TFWGucci, features witty captions along with Gucci’s visuals.