NYFW: Kanye West’s Comeback

27-yeezy-season-5-fall-winter-2017-lookbookAfter an eventful end of the year for musician and fashion icon Kanye West (mental breakdowns, Trump, bleached hair), the rapper has now turned all focus into his successful line of clothing: Yeezy Supply. Despite West’s setbacks, he has always found a way to make fashion intriguing; from the shutter shades to overly-distressed clothing, he always has a way to make mark in urban wear as we know it.

The collaborative effort of Adidas and Mr. West offers ready-to-wear, contemporary styles.West has always had some interesting presentations, especially after Yeezy Season 3 had made the transparent boot trend popular amongst women. Kanye West has been known to be brandless with the Yeezy Collection- no obvious logos and graphics, and the use of an extremely neutral color palette, making beige and olive more popular throughout the seasons. But, this year, it seems that West is expanding his usual flesh-colored pieces into a variety of textiles. From fur to denim, Kanye West has released pieces that differ from the other seasons.

Yeezy Season 5 offers lots of loose denim: high-waisted and washed out, far from the usual skinny jeans. Another staple is a long, faux fur brown coat, ready to give PETA a heart attack. The last key staple is the women’s over-the-knee boot in varying shades of suede, a twist from the pointy, thigh hugging-style that are all the rage right now, but a loose version made roomy enough for you to tuck your jeans in.



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