The Rise of Sidestripes


Superstars, Old Skools, Sk8-Hi’s, and Stan Smiths- these sidestripe legends are making its mark on rising street fashion as we know it. From the emerging popularity of the Vans’ Old Skool, stamping skate lifestyle into urban wear, to sports classic Adidas with their ready to wear, outfit staple the Adidas Superstars, it’s no wonder that 2016 ended and 2017 started with these sneakers in mind.
Adidas, an original staple, has been dropping some major game changers since last year; from the rise of the original three-striped Adidas Superstars to a perforated favorite, the Stan Smiths, everyone is raving over the comeback of these athletic shoes. The Superstars, now a street-style necessity, was originally made for basketball, NBA legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar was one the many sporting these hardwood classics. On the other hand, tennis player Stan Smith, probably did not anticipate his sneakers to be worn outside the court. These versatile kicks have been seen on both models, entertainers, to your next door neighbor. With its clean white leather lining, it’s hard to make a mistake when sporting these cult kicks.

With an array of line ups at hand, Vans has been a favorite amongst many, especially in their home of sunny California. From slip-ons to high tops, these waffle-sole sneakers are best known for their work in the skate park. As the Vans Old Skools take on urban fashion by storm, they’re taking shape in every color you can think of. From the classic black and white, bright orange, and perky pink, these skate staples are a must have for your shoe closet. Of course its taller brother, the Sk8-Hi’s, aren’t about to miss this comeback. Debuting in 1978, the Old Skools have been in the streetwear game for almost forty years, making it another addition to the Vans family. The sidestripes on these sneakers are so iconic, that it even have its own name, the “jazz line”.

These sneakers are so great, they had to come back on people’s feet for another round. It just goes to show that quality and style, are classics that you don’t want to miss. Years later, these athletic staples are still adorned by street wear enthusiasts across the globe.